ACC is a nonprofit that partners with social service organizations, public institutions, and corporations to plan and, in 2019, launch a commercial oven hood cleaning business. Our overarching goal is to help people with experiences of homelessness and incarceration achieve economic viability through ownership and fair wages.

Who We Are

Monique is driven to find ways to use the co-op business model as one of the many solutions to ending homelessness by providing individuals the opportunity to become worker-owners. All Communities Co-op will be the catalyst, where she hopes to use her MBA in Sustainable Business, Certificate in Cooperative Management, and ten years’ experience working directly with individuals living without homes through leadership and volunteer roles within social service orgs to provide opportunities for job and economic stability.

Aaron builds sustainable processes across organizations to empower employees and customers alike. Most recently he worked as the Director of HR for Wistia, a marketing technology company in Boston. He moved into that role after two years as their Director of Customer Support & Success. As ACC’s first hire, he hopes to use his experience in startup development and customer success to develop a values-driven work culture that powers our unique brand and value prop, and serves as an example of how thriving businesses can help everyone – not merely shareholders.