Building Equity for All

All Communities Co-op believes that ownership is one of the many solutions to alleviate the cycle of homelessness.

Building equity requires cross-industry cooperation.

Unemployment is at an all-time low. Businesses are having a harder time than ever finding qualified employees. At the same time, nearly one in three Americans live near or under the poverty line. Many of these Americans struggle with homelessness, a conviction record, or both. It is nearly impossible to find work that pays a living wage when living under either of these conditions, reinforcing the cycle of poverty. All Communities Co-op believes that we can end this cycle by identifying services needed by local businesses, providing competitive contracted services, and sharing ownership in the business across all workers. This will help everyone make a living wage and develop marketable skills.

Seattle restaurants struggle to keep their kitchens consistently maintained at reasonable costs, hurting their ability to compete in an aggressive market. ACC has identified this as an opportunity for both restaurants and for our workers.